Month: December 2019

Questions to Ask Your Security Camera Installer

When it comes to your security camera system, having an experienced and knowledgeable installer is as important as the cameras you choose to monitor your business, school, or city. While every project is different, there are some questions that every business leader should ask their installer before signing a contract. Here are 4 questions you […]

Hometown Service with Nationwide Reach

Camera Security Now is proud to offer nationwide security camera system installation service for schools, businesses, and municipalities. From our home base in southern Ohio, we provide unique security camera solutions to meet the needs of your facility. With the aid of our dedicated Tech-Army, we are able to respond to your needs quickly and […]

4K Security Cameras are Here!

In the search to provide better security for their physical workplace, employees, customers, and equipment; business owners are constantly on the lookout for the latest options in the world of security cameras. With a high resolution of 3840×2160, 4K security cameras provide an amazing amount of detail, while providing superior monitoring of a wide area. […]